Pandora FMS unifies your monitoring in a single tool

Performance and availability

Events, graphs, SLA, and full reports, dashboards and views


SNMP v3, SNMP Traps, WMI, Remote Plugin Execution, Network discovery and Network Maps.


Agent and agentless monitoring for Windows, Linux, Unix and Android


SAP, Oracle, Tomcat, MySQL, DB2, JMX, IIS, Hyper V and much more

Tired of endless console, scripts and configuration files?

In Pandora FMS, everything is inside the GUI. Nice Reports, Graphs and Setup

Advanced Alerting? Advanced Network Monitoring? Advanced Agent Technology?

Do you want to hack by yourself using our API or CLI? One of the words best describe Pandora FMS is advanced. Discover why. More than 1600 pages of documentation in our Wiki


We're proud to have users like them :)

Get the latest code from GitHub

We are happy to say that we are OpenSource since 2003, and our OpenSource code is published under GPL2.0 license.

We have more than 400,000 lines of code available for everyone. Visit our GitHub project

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