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Alert on inactive client - joergd - 05-14-2020


I want to trigger an alert, if an agent didn't send data for more than e.g. 30 minutes.
Please give me a hint how to configure this.

Thanks in advance

RE: Alert on inactive client - Diego.M - 05-21-2020


In case a module doesn't report data during more than three times its interval will automatically go to the "unknown" state (gray), you can configure an alert to be activated in that case, with this and the rest of the configurations that you can do in the alert templates you can configure the alert to trigger when you want.


RE: Alert on inactive client - joergd - 06-04-2020

Hello Diego,
thanks for the tip.
I configured a module called LastContact, which returns a time stamp in string format and carries the configured tentacle server in it's description entry.
With that I can provide these additional informationes in the alert mail.
Works great!
Kind regards

RE: Alert on inactive client - ismael.moreno - 09-11-2020

There is also the keep alive module that you can configure in the agent to monitor the last data received. This module is predefined in pandora.