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FMS installation on docker is not starting tentacle.
Hello Fgodoy,

From what I see in the command you have entered, you are missing some things such as redirecting ports from the real machine to the docker port. Also you must link your Pandora FMS with yu MySQL, below is an example of how this command should be.

docker run -p XXXXX:YYYYY --link pandora-mysql:mysql -d pandorafms/pandorafms-server:latest

Where XXXXX is your real machine port and YYYYY is the Pandora FMS port (In this case, tentacle port by default is 41121). Also make sure that the ports are free to use, for this you can use the next command.

netstat -lptaua

Best regards
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RE: FMS installation on docker is not starting tentacle. - by Diego.M - 10-25-2019, 09:23 AM

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