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"Event control filter" question

Pandora: 7.0NG.734 (P) 190429
OS: Linux Ubuntu

When I open "View Events" page, filter is set to show "Only not validated" events.

But they all validated - therefore page doesn't show anything

I need to open filter and change "Event Status" to "All events"
Then I see all of them

But as soon I open another the page and return to "View Events", filter changes to "Only not validated" again, and I need to change it again

Thant is kind of annoying.
And besides, why set filter to show only not validated events, if for example, all my events are validated and every time I open "Events" - nothing.

Where can I specify what to use as initial event settings?

Thank you.
I found the answer my self

When admin create a user, at the and of the settings there is drop down menu to choose with filter to use by default

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