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some RFE and small UI bug.

I just checked eHorus and for a young product it looks preety good!

by login into a computer i need to enter a password but i can't cancel this process to go back. i need to enter some value and then i can go back. ESC key doesn't work too, it would be nice for a better flow. 

RFE for Remote Access:
1. Add support for Powershell in the console window.
2. Access full file system in the folder window.
3. Add login Password from the computer in (when i have seen correct that is possible in pandora fms) 
4. Keyboard shortcuts in a interface would be awesome (example from odoo:

thank you....
Hello mandrake0

Thanks for the info, we will take a look at the advice you give us. Maybe in the future we can get those improvements into eHorus!

Best regards

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