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Monitors Not Initialized
Maybe someone can help me in that topic... 
I installed the Pandora FMS from Docker and started to install agents on various servers (linux)
Port 41121 is forwarded and there are no errors on the agents - it seems that they send data to the server.
Problem is, that in the dashboard all the servers have a status "Not Initialized" / "No Data" - but if i click on the Graph,
there is data for that monitor - see screenshot.

.png   1.png (Size: 26.09 KB / Downloads: 6)

.png   2.png (Size: 159.92 KB / Downloads: 4)

How to initialize the agents/monitors properly? Is there an additional step needed?

BR Christian

I have the same problem.

I have downloaded the new ISO and I am not initialized by the server itself or those of external agents.

Greetings artn3r and RAfa93M

After the last perl update, there have been some changes that have caused this malfunction of PandoraFMS server... We have been working on it during the holidays and we have managed to fix it, I leave you here an article with more information and the links to download the fix.


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