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SNMP issue
Hi all,

I have pandora 3.2 installed and monitoring 30 win server and 15 linux server.
i wanted to start monitoring my Switch , i have checked from the pandora server OS the SNMPwalk and using the OID i get a response from my Switch , however when i try to do saw from the GUI , using the SNMPwalk with the OID (that i checked) the GUI get stuck and pressing any other option doesnt help i have to reopen the browser. i have check it with IE8 , Chrome and Firefox , the same result ,, currently i cant monitor my network devices .... any IDEA ..

Please Help

Hi blacknasa,

This is a bug in the Pandora FMS [i]v3.1[/i], but in the new [i]v3.2[/i] it is solved. You can download the new version here:



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