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Error in Alerts " COULD NOT BE ADDED"
When creating a new Alert for Server , i have many actions option , i choose one and create the Alert , however when i go to the Alert list all the time the Action Filed is empty , when i try to "add an action " i can choose my action " however when i press "ADD" it writes "COULD NOT BE ADDED" and the action is not added .

It's really bad cause i have many alerts with no action so i have to look at the UI all the time to know what happens with my Servers


The problem could be the version you are using... please check if you have upgraded your Pandora to the last version, because that could be a bug, fixed in the new version.

If you are already using the last version, or in case you upgrade your Pandora, but the problem persists, please provide us additional info and screenshots, so we can diagnose the problem properly.


i'm using the latest version , what info do you need? what screenshots ?

btw: this option worked before i upgraded to version 3.2.1


i found this in the Logs

IP Comments
admin Alert management 2011-05-19 13:55:01 0 Fail to add action 6 in alert 33

Tip: Activate verbosity 10 in the Pandora server config file and check the Pandora log to receive complete information about any kind of problems.

If this feature is active and that's the only interesting thing you get... simply tell us step by step what you do in order to setup the alerts, and provide a screenshot of each step if possible, removing all the sensitive information you don't want to show if any.

This way we can reproduce your problem and check easily if there's a mistake in your current configuration or if it's a bug.

Regarding the verbose , i will do it and add the logs.

I added Screen captures with the name indicating what i'v been doing , you will see that i have some alerts with action prior to version 3.2.1 .

Any thing else?

Attached Files

.png   Actions.png (Size: 31.63 KB / Downloads: 105)
.png   Alert After Create Missing Action.png (Size: 5.77 KB / Downloads: 109)
.png   Alert Missing Action.png (Size: 9.92 KB / Downloads: 114)
.png   Alerts Normal.png (Size: 65.07 KB / Downloads: 112)
Here are some mote Screen Captures


Attached Files

.png   Create Alert.png (Size: 19.96 KB / Downloads: 126)
.png   Trying to add action.png (Size: 7.63 KB / Downloads: 110)
btw: i added 10 in the conf file for the logs , however in tail -f i cant see anything regarding the UI if i change things there

No doubt... it's a bug. Wink

This problem has been reported to the bug tracker and will be fixed ASAP.

Thank you for sharing your problem with us.


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