About Enterprise version

Pandora FMS is a monitoring and infrastructure management tool that was born in 2003 as an Open Source project. During the last 12 years it has evolved due to the effort and capital invested in it. Around 2007, the first Enterprise edition of Pandora FMS was launched; before then, 100% of the project’s features were public and registered under LGPL2 and GPL2 licenses.

At the beginning of 2000, like many other Open Source projects, Pandora FMS decided to offer a specific edition, oriented to corporate users, with specific corporate functions. Almost all the specific features of the Enterprise edition are focused on environments with a large system volume, and which demand a higher standard of services and professional reports for its customers and users.

Managing hundreds of systems is different from just messing around with the Pandora FMS code. In the end, although we have Enterprise customers managing more than 10,000 agents, we also have Pandora FMS Open Source users that successfully manage environments of around 8,000 agents.

The quality of the support we provide on our forums is just as good as the professional support we provide to licensees, but we can’t devote as much time and attention to it as we’d like to because our priority is the Enterprise customers. However, Pandora FMS is still Open Source, free and available for everyone. We work with GitHub (and previously with Sourceforge) with daily code commits and 100% of our documents are public.

For further information about the Enterprise edition, please visit www.pandorafms.com

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