Why Pandora FMS Enterprise?



Enterprise version update

Pandora FMS is one of the most powerful open source monitoring softwares currently available, so it’s no surprise more and more IT departments, small businesses and individuals are installing and running our free version. While the free version is a powerful tool in itself, there are many areas of business which demand extra functions and specialized services.

Why change to Pandora FMS Enterprise?


Quality professional reports

Have personalized reports delivered automatically to your clients, when and how you want, using our system of templates.


Our catalog of plugins has been tested over years in the business world (JD Edwards, DB2, Informix, SAP, etc.), and come with full documentation and back-up.


Centralization and automization

Ensure the effective deployment and integration of our monitoring software by using our suite of plugins and configurations. Thanks to policy-based management you’ll be able to deploy anything you need over hundreds of servers.

Transaction monitoring

Would you like to see your transactions from your customer’s point of view? Is the customer experience fluid and hassle-free? With the Enterprise version’s transaction monitoring function you can simulate a transaction, whether it’s from corporate websites, intranets, or heavyweight desktop applications.


Infinite horizontal scalability

If you’re looking for better performance, and you want a commercially proven product rather than an open source software hack, Pandora FMS Enterprise is for you.

Updates, patches and upgrades

All Enterprise updates have to pass strict quality controls. Furthermore, we offer direct support and assistance to our clients throughout the updating process.

Support & Consulting

Maybe you already have Pandora FMS running on a system which you’ve inherited from a previous team but you don’t have any technical support. Enterprise includes full support and consultancy services.

Business modeling

Monitor any of your organization’s processes and get feedback on their status through adaptable process views. Purchase orders, logistics, invoicing; keep track of all your business’s processes.