Software monitoring

Pandora FMS is a software monitoring system for IT infrastructure management. This includes network equipment, Windows and Unix servers, virtual infrastructures and all kinds of applications. Pandora FMS has tons of features, making it a new generation software that covers all of your organization’s monitoring software needs.

banner pandora fms enterprise azure and aws monitoring
banner pandora fms enterprise azure and aws monitoring


Network monitoring

Pandora FMS can measure the bandwidth of your network, by querying your router/switch through SNMP or processing the Netflow statistics sent by your router. Modem routers, switches, modems, API’s and other network equipment use a common language: SNMP. With Pandora FMS you can configure a device with a few clicks, and start monitoring the bandwidth’s interface, status, load average, storage space, memory usage and many other things. Still need more? You can use our Recon Server to scout your entire network, with its topology, hierarchy and operating systems, as well as apply templates to start monitoring your devices automatically. A full Class B network can be detected and monitored in less than an hour. + Learn more

Server Monitoring

Server monitoring can be a quick and easy task if it’s done remotely with one of our diverse remote check-ups (using TCP, WMI or SNMP), or using a flexible, in-depth and powerful solution by installing software agents on them. We have our own software agents for every kind of modern operating system (Unix, Linux, Windows, Android), and it’s possible to collect information through the execution of simple commands, complex scripts or any interaction with the operating system. Server monitoring is not usually as simple as checking a running process’s port. Some processes are dynamic, and are part of services that have several layers of complexity. Our software agents can run local plugins, which are flexible pieces of code that communicate with your applications: SAP/R3, Oracle, DB2, Exchange, Tomcat, JMX, JBoss, IIS or any other enterprise application you may be using.
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Application performance management

Supporting hundreds of commercial technologies such as SAP, Oracle, Microsoft Exchange, IBM DB2 or WebSphere, among others, which guarantees maximum compatibility with all vendors. You can check the complete list of Pandora FMS integrated technologies or check our online plugin library. + Learn more

Alerts and Notifications

Pandora FMS’s notification and alert system is extremely flexible. It can notify the users via email, SMS, syslog, trap sending, custom scripts, and online apps (jabber, slack, etc.). It can also execute remote actions in managed agents and of course, you can add your own scripts to customize the notification patterns. + Learn more

Reports and Graphs

Pandora FMS provides complete network mapping, user-defined views (visual consoles) and an integrated reporting system with dozens of different report templates. Plus, it allows the creation of custom graphs. All Pandora FMS’s graphs are interactive, they allow you to zoom in and pinpoint certain elements to know the exact value of a module at an exact point in time. + Learn more


The “F” in FMS stands for “Flexible”. Our topology allows deployments in very complex, dynamic and large environments. Our deployments have been used in high-productivity environments with over 10,000 servers. We even know of users who are managing networks with over 8 thousand devices by themselves, without needing the Enterprise version. + Learn more