Technologies monitored by Pandora FMS

We here at Pandora FMS have years of experience in creating integrations to extract the most relevant information from critical applications, which are generally deployed over various systems, or which operate in a state of constant change, requiring auto-discovery, mapping and parametrization.

These plugins have been developed in conjunction with experts in these technologies, allowing us to offer not only monitoring, but also a selection of practical metrics from the point of view of performance and availability. What’s more, they usually come accompanied with an installation manual and are focused toward being used by administrators working with the above-mentioned technologies.

Open source plugins

 jboss  oracle_tuxedo  sunone exchange  websphre
 iis  microsoft_cluster  mysql  oracle  sql_server
 mongodb bacula asterisk  xen  vmware
 redhat  amazon

Network hardware

 logo_nokia logo_cisco logo_f5 logo_nec logo_linksys
logo_nortel logo_dell logo_ibm logo_hp logo_huawey

Operating systems

 logo_linux logo_debian logo_centos logo_ubuntu logo_suse
logo_solaris logo_windows logo_aix logo_hpux logonetbsd

Enterprise plugins

Using plugins designed and configured by Pandora FMS for monitoring complex technologies guarantees not only their correct functioning and integration, but also considerable time saved on development and testing. These plugins require a high level of knowledge and are approved, validated and supported by Pandora FMS.

iis jboss oracle_tuxedo websphre exchange
logo_lotus informix  sql_server oracle ibm_db2
active_directory_logo loho_hyperv vmware redhat amazon
citrix sap logo_forefront sunone logo_sybase
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