Updates and releases

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Updates and releases

Pandora FMS is a versatile tool in continuous evolution. By listening to our users we incorporate new features and improvements to the existing ones and also bugfixes. At the end of 2017 we decided to incorporate the Rolling release philosophy, which implies that Pandora FMS NG (7.0) is the only stable version, and that there will be no future “major” versions. From this version, the improvements are incremental. In 2019 we took a step further and incorporated a policy of scheduled releases, establishing that on the last Wednesday of each month we would publish an official update via update manager.


For advanced users, the best way to be updated is by using the source code repository, which can be downloaded in real-time through Github– It’s where developers publish code.

Update Manager

Starting with 4.0.2 version, the Open Source version also has an automated system to update your console every week. It uses the stable snapshots releases to keep your console up-to-date.

Automatic Builds

Compilations of packages named Nightly Builds are produced automatically with the updated repository code. As they are generated automatically, we do not check them very often so that they may have some minor problems, although they should work. We have developed snapshots for trunk/unstable code and stable snapshots for the last known stable version. Both of them can be downloaded at Sourceforge.

If you want to checkout changes on current code, you can take a look on our GitHub History page.

Updates & Fixes

Besides stable versions, sometimes we are forced to release a patch to fix a several bug. Most part of fixes are integrated in the Online Updates system of Update Manager, but when these changes need to be applied over an agent or a server, we should do it manually. This is not usual, but in the world of software, updates are a reality.

Visit our release notes section in pandorafms.com for information about each release: bug fixes, improvements and new features.