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Full Version: alarm
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I find it difficult to settle the alarms in Pandora.
I activated a keepalive module that allows me to know the status of an agent.
the problem is that I continually receives mail alerts when there is a micro break, so I'd like to have such a warning if the agent does not respond for 5 minutes. if it becomes joingnable 5 minutes before I do not want to receive alerts.
thank you for your help
Hi trescool,

I'm not sure what module you set up. Pandora's keepalive module should not be set to 0 unless the agent hasn't sent any data for twice the agent interval. You can play with these options anyway:

- [i]FF Threshold[/i]: [url=][/url]

- [i]Min number of alerts[/i] and [i]Max number of alerts[/i]: