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Full Version: Error en client server: Error sending file '/tmp/'
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Hi to everyone

I have Pandora Server configured and I have the pandora agent deployed on some servers to be able to monitor them.

From the Pandora server, I have already started the tentacle_server process so that I can open port 41121 where the traffic between client and server machines is made.

From any client server I can telnet to the server's IP through port 41121 and connect correctly.

The problem comes when I try to manually launch the data buffer from the client to the server using the following command:

root @ cnfwww00 / usr / bin $ tentacle_client -a /tmp/
[err] Connection from unexpectedly closed.

This is the error thatĀ giveĀ me.
If I start the pandora agent on the client server, it gives me the following error repeatedly in the pandora agent log file

[error] - Error sending file '/tmp/': [err] Connection from unexpectedly closed.

I don't know what I'm missing for the agent to contact the server and send that data correctly.

Thanks in advanced.

Best regards