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Full Version: Android agent (Pandroid) and the new embedded agent for embedded devices.
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Hello everybody,

Just after five weeks the 3.2 release and we have a lot of new stuff to play with :-)

Embedded agent

We have created a specific agent for embedded devices, made in Posix C, aimed at devices with very little RAM, and can work with all types of processors (ARM, VIA ...), and they can run on all types of devices. You can download the first version...

Android agent

We have published on Android market the new Pandora FMS agent for Android phones: Pandroid!. This new agent, reports GPS information to the GIS system on Pandora, and also returns battery levels and compass information, among other sensor information like proxymity information.

And as a reminder, in a few days, the Pandora FMS 3.2 FP1 will be released!