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Full Version: Problems in Pandora 1.1: disk full
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The disk of the server where I've installed Pandora is full. I've purge the database of Pandora with the script, but the disk utilization is the same after (100%).

I realised that the file "pandora_server.log" has a size of 14 GB!! How can I decrease the size of this file? May I remove this file or recreate it? I don't mind if I loose the data of my agents. Another solution?
Thank you.
Pandora_server.log has only info about server status, you can delete it safely. It's recommended to purge using logrotate or something similar. You could set a minimum quantity of information generated by pandora server using "verbose" token in config file. Setup verbose to 0 to generate the minimum.
I checked the "verbosity" of the pandora_server.conf and it was set up to "10" ("Noisy"). I set up the verbosity to 0, I removed the log file and rebooted the Pandora Server, and now I think now all is working properly. The log file was recreated automatically.
Thank you very much!