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Full Version: WMI in Pandora 4.0.2 dont working
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I found a problem. If you use discovering with recon task with WMI template than you must empty field SNMP Default community. By default it has public.
It start to work properly when i remove public from tagente_modulo table on that host that was discovered with recon task.
Shit, if i even remove public def. community from recon task it appears in table tagente_modulo.
If i delete public from Def. community field it appears again. If i use space when recon task cant add modules to founded hosts. I will try to modify pandora_console scripts to remove default community value.
I removed all public community from any pandora PHP script and now after recon task is completed data of founded hosts is not empty. It work ok. I suppose that this is some kind of a bug.
Is it possible that this bug will be fixed in future?
Good evening!

Whoa... I regret you've had to come across this by yourself... specially after having found such a problem.

Of course, I'll bring this problem up to the development team and I hope this behaviour is fixed for the next release!!

Thank you very much for the report!

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