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Full Version: Retrieving 10 years Spread of European Countries
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Another show of the infinite possibilities of Pandora FMS is this new server plugin.

A plugin that gets from Bloomberg website the 10 year Spread of several European countries like Spain, Greece, Italy, Portugal...

With this plugin, a module for each country will be created. Also we have created a visual map with the european map and the country monitors over it.

We have configured thresholds of les than 250 for normal, 250-500 for warning and 500+ for critical.

[img width=650];topic=6930.0;attach=1095;image[/img]

You can visit a public realtime map at THIS LINK

And download the plugin from our modules repository HERE

The source of the data of Belgium and Ireland is not available from Bloomberg. So we are delete it from map.

I think they offer this data in the premium services.
Hello everybody,

After a time with this map without data because bloomberg changed the statisatics web, We updated the plugin to the new data system and it is available again with some changes.

Ireland and Belgium aren't available (as we say in the previous post) but there are new countries. United Kingdom, Switzerland and Netherlands.

I already updated the main post image.

You can visit a public realtime map at THIS LINK

Cool Smile