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Full Version: graphing minus values in pandorafms
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I'm using pandorafms for monitor ubiquity devices these days. but I faced a problem with graphs. I got graphs for most of the parameters like (wlanRxBytes,CCQ,...) but "Signal" or "Noise Floor" didn't generate any graph. I think problems in graphing function/s in pandorafms. they only support plus values not for minus values. I think convert minus values to plus values is not a good option because it can mislead and give wrong picture about the situation. I think this is a problem that can occur in future for other users. I think you should consider about this.


Could you report me a screenshot with data and the graph example?

This device is a Rocket device. it gives signal and noise floor as minus values. i add these data to system using xml files. attached files are showing graph and data for "Signal" parameter. I think improving graphing functions to view both plus values and minus values could be useful for future.

Will be repaired in the final release.