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Full Version: monitoring device from different source IPs
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I'm using pandorafms for different types of monitoring and for different scenarios. Once again I faced another problem. sometimes when monitoring "HostLatency", we need to ping from different source address than default example(if particular device had several routing path than default one within different ip blocks and we need to choose path other than default).but at this moment pandorafms only allow to change destination ip not source ip. this feature can added by system with giving chance userĀ  to use "-I" option in ping command in pandora_ping_latency function at "" file and let user to change source ip for for each module.(generally we can use default one.but in special cases user can change it).


Have you tried a script to execute it with the changes that you indicate?


No.i didn't try it actually.but after the problem occurred i went through the code and i found function for host latency. It seems ok to changeĀ  the point i mention in earlier in ping command and add source field to agent. I think this could be useful to some users. I didn't try to change the code because i'm not familiar with perl that much.


No, sorry

I refered to create a plugin server to generate this type of host latency module.

For example a ping with "-l" option and then indicate host and route as parameters of plugin server.

ok. thank you for the quick response. I will try it using plugin module.