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Full Version: Pandora FMS Android App
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I'm testing the Pandora FMS Android App on my phone.
On the settings, the following values were entered:
. URL:
. User: admin
. Password: mypandorafmspassword

Questions/Issues encountered:
1. Upon connecting, it still displays the login page which looks exactly like the login page I see when accessing from a PC. I thought that it would not display the login page anymore, since it already has the username and password in its settings.
2. After logging in, the displayed screen does not look like any of the screenshots of the Android app; instead the page is the same as what I see when accessed from a PC.

Have any of you tried the Android App?

I was expecting to see this:

(screen shot from the Google Play Store attached)

When accesing the Pandora console in the url you should put /ip address/pandora_console/mobile
Not putting mobile at the end can be generating the problem.

Whoa! It works now!
Thank you so much!
(02-20-2014, 09:55 AM)neuroticimbecile Wrote: [ -> ]Whoa! It works now!
Thank you so much!

Not woking for me i don't know what I am doing wrong but it isn't working for me man

could you please guide and help me out?