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Full Version: du grep module
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Hi Guys,

I'm trying to get the du grep command to work as a module but I'm having no luck. I can get the command to work fine as an administrator in CMD. But I haven't found a way of the agent to get it to work.

Any ideas?


Can you try with the following: du -q d: \WSUS | grep Size: | gawk '{print $2}'  ?

Tried both of the module_exec below:

module_name Folder size WSUS
#module_description Folder Size of WSUS
module_type generic_data
#module_exec du -q d: WSUS | grep Size: | gawk "{print $2}"
module_exec du -q d: \WSUS | grep Size: | gawk '{print $2}'

and I still get the timed out message in the pandora log.
2014-07-29 09:47:34 Pandora_Module_Exec: Folder size WSUS timed out (retcode: 259)

I've looked through for Folder size WSUS timed out problem and I've came with the following:

I have tried monitoring a folder called webspace which is about 10mb in size & I get the same message. So I think it's not folder size causing the timeout.

Could this be permission based?

It is possible to be a permission issue but I am talking hypothetically here.  Is the system a 64 or a 32 bit system and witch is the version for the agent?


System is:
Windows Server 2012 R2 64bit

Pandora is:
Agent 5.1 32bit

I can always try running this on another system though ideally it will be used in production on a 2012 R2 server.


I think I see what the issue is now. The 32 bits agent execute all modules in a 32 bits powershel when it should execute them in a 64 one. Is it possible for you to update to the 64 bits agent?

certainly. I will update and post the results back here shortly.
Hi, Same problem running the 64bit pandora agent. I wonder if I should try an older agent?
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