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Full Version: Create a piechart
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i have a little problem width my FMS! I want to create a piechart that contains all my agents from my own group(antz). It should be a short overview of the general functions of my group(antz). In the end it should look like the piechart in the Tactical View but i have no idea how i employ this...
In the AdminGuide i have readed the chapter Events, Visual Console, Tactical View and many others... but i dont have a solution.
Can anyone say me how i should continue? Or what else i can read?
Sry about my bad english i hope you understand me.
in the attach is a pic how i image it!
cheers freshd
Hello freshd,

I'm sorry to say this, but there's no way of doing something like this in Pandora... For the moment!

I've been talking with the development team and they think that this can be useful, so they'll be thinking about including this, maybe some day it will see the light and you'll be able to use it Wink

Thank you for letting us know this feature Smile

hey emilio,
oh too bad..
Do you now an another way how i can get an overview about the group? Or maybe its possible to change the tactical view or something like that?