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Full Version: Pandora bugs/unexpected behavior
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Hi all!

I'm setting up this system for the first time, so I'm not familiar with it like with other analogues.
While installing, I faced few problems:

1) Console installation, step 2 - Install couldn't find Graphviz binaries. The problem is that I cannot install twopi into /usr/bin/twopi due to lack of permissions (on my system it's installed with another PREFIX), but this path is hardcoded in install.php file. I've changed that location there, but do I need to make any other modifications to code so my system will be able to draw graphs?
find ./ -type f -exec grep -l "twopi" {} \; returned no such other files (except install.php)
Aslo is it obligatory to have gv_php = yes while I'm compiling Graphviz ? Cause I also have some problems with that

2) For some reason SMNP-server shuts down after 2 minutes as I started it.
I've tried setting it up on 2 completely different machines (one was Spart/Solaris another PC/Linux). I haven't found anything suspicious in logs. Server just starts', waiting for a minute or two and then shuts down

3) While adding remote_icmp module, there are errors in logs that states I have to run pings only as root (althou documentation states that all peandora_ servers must run from pandora user).

Please help me solve them.
Some clarifications to problem #1:

Pandora cannot draw any charts or graphs. I think that the problem lies in that it cannot find GraphViz binaries at default location which is /usr/bin/twopi
Instead all required binaries are in /data/pandora/local/bin and this location is in my $PATH
Mmm can you put a link over the "default path" ?

Graphviz it's only used to render network maps, not for any other graph, so this should be other different problem, have you properly installed a php-gd package ?