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Full Version: v7.0NG Error
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I install the new version of the pandora interface is coming smoothly it gives error what should I do

Hello idriskoc,

If you are using firefox, make sure your server time is properly configured, it may cause your session to expire. Try synchorizing the time correctly (maybe with ntp) and/or using a browser different than firefox. Obviously the first option would be the best one :P.

Kind regards,
hi, I've used different browsers, I click the link is the same result as severing Antonio thanks for the response
Have you changed some options about the login/session and/or the user? You can try creating another admin user and see if the same happens when logging with it.

You can use the CLI to create a new admin from command line, take a look at the online documentation:

The execution would look similar to this:

perl /etc/pandora/pandora_server.conf --create_user admin2 'password' 1 'Second admin created from CLI'

Tell me if that helps.

Kind regards,