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Full Version: eMail with pandora 2.1.1
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I am trying to test pandora fms 2.1.1.
I am having problems with sending out mails.
I have verbose set on 10.

In the pandora_server.log I can see the following message:
pandora_server.log:2009/08/10 16:06:13 pandora_Data [V2] Alert (eMail) TRIGGERED for xxx.
But you're probably guessing already... There is no email being sent out.

field1 == mail address that needs to receive the alert
field2 == mail subject
field3 == mail body

This command is succesfull:
echo "test" | mail -s "test subject" [email protected]

I am running nullmailer on this system in case you are wondering...

What can I do to get more logging / debug information about this email problem?
Pandora 2.1 uses it's internal SMTP capabilities build on Pandora FMS server, take a look on /etc/pandora/pandora_server.conf. There is also a "alert command" defined to send mail, internally so you only need to define on Pandora FMS Server, using the pandora_server.conf, the SMTP gateway. Internal email alert type is defined as:

eMail: This alert send an email using internal Pandora FMS Server SMTP capabilities (defined in each server, using: _field1_ as destination email address, and _field2_ as subject for message. _field3_ as text of message.

Hope this may help...

Thanks for your help only I kinda fixed it already. And I dont know what I did to make it work! Smile

But now I am encountering an other problem....
In the subject of the email I am using the '&' sign (trying to send an sms via email).
Unfortunately this sign is being translated to the html version of '&'amp;
Ofcourse this will fail at the sms gateway provider...! The sms needs to be sent as plain text.

Is there a way to change this behaviour?

Dammm, this is a very annoying bug, can you open a Bug Track in our project tracker ?, this should be fixed in a few weeks...