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about emailing
as I understand when I have Pandora server version 1.3 email alert don/t work with module - Host alive ???
Is it true?
and to fix this - I must upgrade server to 1.3.1???

It does work
my command is
echo "ERRORS"|mail -s "PANDORA" [email protected]

is it correct?

When I run this command at console - I receive letter, so I think problem is in Agent configuration> alert
min and max value - 1.00
alert test error yevhen-pc
Description 111
Field #1 (Alias, name) 1
Field #2 (Single Line) 1
Field #3 (Full Text) 1
time from and to 00:00
time threshold - 10 minutes
min number of alerts - 1 max - 3

IS THIS correct?
You might want to take a look at this:
Make sure that you do NOT include quotations in the command. When an email command is entered in the alert definition, it ends up with quotes being converted to &quot in the database. When this is feed to the shell, when an alert fires, it gets pretty unhappy.

I had tried to add the following;
echo _field3_ | mail -s "Pandora: _agent_ _field2_" _field1_

what was presented to the shell at execution was
echo "the content of field 3" | mail -s &quot Pandora: myserver "content of field 2" &quot [email protected]

I ended up having to put the prefix on each individual alert. But it does work.

Just a note, you do not need to define the macros (_agent_) for instance in the alert creation menu, you can use it when defining an alert for a module.
I mean, you could use it in the field2 something like: Pandora: _agent_ down
The advantage with putting it in the alert creation would have been consistent subject lines so that mail filters can move the messages into folders etc.

If I had been able to put "Pandora: _agent_ - _field2_" on the alert when created, then all modules using it would have that prefix in the subject line and it would not need to be repeated on an each individual module. As it is currently, I have had to repeat it and put "Pandora: _agent_ - <event>" in field2 on each module.

But as stated previously, it does work.

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