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Windows agent authentication prob (SSH)
See below posts, I changed the topic name to a more suitable one due to the original topic not being the intended issue.
Also, I am getting the error while connecting via SSH "2009-08-14 21:39:27 Pandora Agent: Authentication Failed when connecting to" in my pandora_agent.log file.
Check your /home/pandora/.ssh directory.

Do you make a backup of your pandora home directory before installing the .deb package?. I think it's impossible to change a password using a .deb package. It tries to create "pandora" user, but if exists no harm should be done.
Thanks for the reply. I have created the authorized_keys file that includes the public key copied from the keys folder on the client. I did not upgrade Pandora using the .deb packages, I did a new install on a new server. The pandora user was created by the .deb package and I was not sure if it was safe to change the password for the pandora user.

I have regenerated the keys for ssh several times following the included instructions but still get authentication errors. Would installing from source make a difference? I cannot seem to get the pandora agent to communicate with the server. I tried tentacle but the ppd files to install on windows were not compatible with my systems for some reason. I wanted to avoid setting up sftp on the pandora server so the most logical choice was SSH but now I am starting to wonder if I will ever get these boxes talking to each other (and yes they can ping and ssh manually to each other).

Is there something I am missing or doing wrong?
Also, from one of the other posts I have tried "pandoraagent.exe --test-ssh" and received the output:

Quote:C:\Program Files\pandora_agent>PandoraAgent.exe --test-ssh
Public key file C:\Program Files\pandora_agent\key\ exists.
Private key file: C:\Program Files\pandora_agent\key\id_dsa exists.
Connecting with
Authentication successful.
Host fingerprint: 19:EC:35:6E:1B:C5:41:FF:A3:C1:62:EB:5C:C5:FD:37
Created a blank XML file in C:\Windows\Temp\ssh.test
Remote copying C:\Windows\Temp\ssh.test on server at /var/spool/pand
Successfuly file copied to remote host
Successfuly disconnected from remote host
The SSH test was successful!

But when checking my pandora_agent.log file I am still getting the following message:

Quote:2009-08-17 20:17:49 Pandora Agent: Authentication Failed when connecting to

There are never any files in the /var/spool/pandora/data_in/ directory that is specified in the conf file, I see data in the data_out directory though. I am really stuck with this one, the test says everything is good but the log says different. Are there any suggestions as to what I could do to ensure the file is being dumped to the data_in folder correctly?

Here is the data from my agent.conf file.

server_path /var/spool/pandora/data_in
temporal "C:\Windows\Temp"

# Agent uses your hostname automatically, if you need to change agent name
# use directive agent_name
# agent_name Servername

# Interval is defined in seconds

interval 300

# tranfer_modes: Possible values are local, tentacle (default), ftp and ssh.
transfer_mode ssh
server_port 22
Did you follow ALL the steps given in old posts in the forum, this issue has been discused several times, and did you check ?

Why are you using SSH instead tentacle ?.
Well, I couldn't and still cannot get Tentacle to work. It appears that the agent connects but the data never gets dumped to the data_in folder. Unfortunately I just don't have enough time to keep working on getting tentacle or SSH working so I figure that my next attempt is WMI, which is not nearly as easy to configure as an agent based monitor but those aren't working for me and at least I get some results with WMI.
So WMI was a good option for me as the purpose of this post was so that I could get a working monitor for IIS on our server 2003 boxes. I was able to achieve this by running the following query:

SELECT * FROM Win32_Service where Name="IISADMIN"

and setting the Key String to 'Running', the Field to '19' and Max Value to '1'.

I am officially using Pandora FMS as our company's primary monitoring resource. Thanks for the great software and keep up the good work, I can't wait for version 3.
Wonderful, have you check out our new Exchange Library in ?, we've only a few WMI modules, but could be you more ideas.

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