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DEB package dependencies - trollish - 05-23-2010


Pandora is a great tool, but it would be far greater if .deb packages (I'm using Ubuntu) haven't got such hard dependencies as:
- apache
- apache mod-php5

Please note that many ppl use other web servers and php5 packages such asĀ  nginx, lighttpd, standalone php5-fpm. Myself and i Wink successfully use nginx+phpfpm with Pandora 3.0 for sometime now.

Thanks in advance

Re: DEB package dependencies - miguel - 11-01-2010


I study the packaging docs for to search a solution for all posibilities as Debian + Apache2, Debian + Cherokee or Debian + Nginx.

The problem is for the Apache2 or Cherokee is more than one package. And I don't know how to write this rule in Control file for deb package.

At the moment remove the Apache2 dependency.