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Docker disk modules - pask1981 - 09-18-2020

I'm using Pandora FMS Community (Pandora FMS v7.0NG.745 - Build PC200504 - MR 37)
Between my servers, I have some kubernetes nodes (with docker). On these nodes, disks are created and deleted continuously, is normal k8s behavior.
But the consequence is that I have dozens of modules of diskUsed refering to old disks that don't exists anymore (they are all in Unknown state).
How could I exclude docker disks from monitoring (I just want to monitor only root partition), or in alternative, how could I delete old Unknown modules, for example disks not contacted after 7 days ?

Thanks in advance

RE: Docker disk modules - ismael.moreno - 09-24-2020

If you are using the pandora_df_used plugin, there is exclusions and can filter by regex so you can avoid that mount points. Also if you want the modules to be deleted automatically after being unknown for X time you can set the token "Max. days before unknown modules are deleted" under Setup > Performance
Kind regards.