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permission configuration for 'anonymous'? - dinobot711 - 08-22-2011

Hi, we're evaluating Pandora and although we had some initial bumps with getting our server and agents to talk, that is all working now and the web console for Pandora is really nice.

But we need to be able to show the agent monitor history data to users; so that when they say " this node is slow" we can ask them to view the history data, and see if "slow" is actually slower than usual.

To be able to do that we could sync all users into Pandora with "read" permission (but this is a lot of work for us).

Is there a way to give 'anonymous' just Read permission on the agent monitoring data?  We want users to be able to view the agent data, but not modify anything or do any admin operations.

Re: permission configuration for 'anonymous'? - dinobot711 - 08-23-2011

I tried for a couple of hours to get the ldap authentication module working, but the one included with Pandora doesn't work.  I went through it line by line debugging it but it just doesn't want to work.  Sad So no LDAP access, and with no anonymous access I guess we'll have to create a fake user account for users to use who haven't registered.