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Twitter monitoring - slerena - 11-24-2011

Will be cool to have a monitor to count the mentions on your twitter account or search for specific topics.

Using their REST API should be "easy" to do, any volunteer ?

Re: Twitter monitoring - zarzuelo - 11-28-2011

I found this perl library for twitter. With it should be easy make a Pandora FMS plugin to connect to Twitter and get out info Smile

Re: Twitter monitoring - zarzuelo - 11-30-2011


I've created our first server plugin to monitor Twitter!!

I've called it MENTWEET (mention + tweet xD)

It's a simple script that provides the number of matches with a string (mentions) in a interval (last X seconds).

The scripts receives two parameters (the second is optative and is 300 by default).

Example of use:

./ 'Pandora FMS' 600

Download and more info in the resources section at

Re: Twitter monitoring - slerena - 11-30-2011

Nice :-)

+1 !