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Vote for Pandora!!! - manu - 10-21-2008

Hey guys,

I just discovered this:

"Bitnami is an easy to install package of software that includes
everything you need to run the primary application. BitNami are
completely self-contained and run independently of the rest of the
software or libraries installed on your system. So, you don't have to
worry about installing dependencies on your system to make the new
application work. They also won't interfere with any other software
installed on your system, so everything you're already running will
continue to work normally."

I was about to add PandoraFMS to their "wish list" and I found it
already, all we have to do is vote for it here:

Let's go for it!

Vote for Pandora!!! - marcottt - 10-22-2008

uhmm, if it's true what they say maybe great...

but for now still prefer a vmware image...



Vote for Pandora!!! - raul - 10-22-2008

Internal Server Error...

Vote for Pandora!!! - manu - 10-22-2008

Works for me!

Vote for Pandora!!! - fburria - 11-18-2008


Vote for Pandora!!! - dudas - 11-20-2008

OK! Done

Vote for Pandora!!! - agetz - 01-26-2009

How do you download it?

Vote for Pandora!!! - daniels - 01-29-2009

The Pandora FMS is not yet in bitnami. We are voting so the guys of bitname can put pandora in "easy to install" format. So, if you want pandora in this format, do like me, go to the site from time to time to vote for Pandora. :-)

Vote for Pandora!!! - raul - 02-07-2009

They have changed the URL:

Vote for Pandora!!! - hannylicious - 04-07-2009