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Alert Thresholds - FrancisR - 07-31-2013


How do you configure the module so that when it goes critical say for about 30 sec, it fires the alert? for example "Free Memory" I want the alert to fireup if free memory stays at 0 for 30 seconds only.
This is so we dont get a lot of recovery email alerts if it goes up and down for a certain amount. I have tried FF thresholds but it does not seem to work

Re: Alert Thresholds - mario.pulido - 08-01-2013


What is the module interval that you are using?


Re: Alert Thresholds - FrancisR - 08-01-2013

Hi Mario.

Thanks for your reply. Module interval is 5. Agent poll interval is 5 seconds.

Re: Alert Thresholds - mario.pulido - 08-02-2013


Alert Setting:

Number alerts match from 6 to 7

Threshold 40 segs

Try with this configuration in your alert configuration.