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5.0 RC1 MIB Loader - gmonk63 - 10-08-2013

I noticed the Mib loader was realeased for the RC version. Does this work ?  I have tried uploading a trapmib for our devices and it does not translate . what does this actually do

Re: 5.0 RC1 MIB Loader - mario.pulido - 10-09-2013


Have you tried in command console the command snmptranslate to check if its working correctly?


Re: 5.0 RC1 MIB Loader - gmonk63 - 10-09-2013

i have and it does translate ... But the traps do not Im using snmv3 and I can recieve them fine just

Re: 5.0 RC1 MIB Loader - mario.pulido - 10-10-2013


We are going to review this, before Final Release.


Re: 5.0 RC1 MIB Loader - gmonk63 - 10-11-2013

Ok so I figured it out it seems that in the  there are static entries which start snmptrapd with -On format  options which forces the oid to numerical form which is why it wasnt translating  after removing this I was able to see the IF-MIB:linkUP    and link down events instead of just the oid

Re: 5.0 RC1 MIB Loader - mario.pulido - 10-11-2013


We have been revising it and Open version as you notify us, it doesn't translates the traps. While the Enterprise version translates the traps before writing them to the database, its a Enterprise feature.

If you want to avoid patch it as you notify us, you can configure the snmp_trapd token to manual in the server config and run the snmptrapd manually with the parameters you want.