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Pandora FMS 5.0 is out - slerena - 10-19-2013

We are proud to announce that we have just released Pandora FMS 5.0, a greatly improved version that offers a more intuitive, interactive and efficient user experience when monitoring your systems.

These are some of the new exciting features of the 5.0 version:

Netflow. This technology is used to analyze in real-time large networks traffic. It helps you find problems, misuses and create capacity plans by using data from the backbone routers. With Pandora FMS, you can make real-time queries and see reports by IP, protocol, traffic, etc.

The Business Process Monitoring (BPM) has a visual system to built services trees where you can draw the hierarchy and content of the services and their dependencies.

Event escalation and consolidation for multi-site deployments. We have created a user customizable action execution system, like running a ping, connecting via SSH to the agent that generated the event, and we have added the possibility of enriching events with custom fields.

Interface enhancements: With a visual completely renovated appearance and a powerful graphics engine based on interactive Flot (HTML5), the new interface enhancements allow you to zoom in and zoom out and get interactive views without using Flash.

Log collection. Pandora FMS Enterprise 5.0 has a solution to manage hundreds of megabytes of data per day. This solution allows you to reuse the same monitoring agents to collect log data by using a similar syntax to the current monitoring logs.

New plugins: Informix, Hyper-V, XEN among dozens of new plugins.

Re: Pandora FMS 5.0 is out - Gonzalo - 11-15-2013

Hola Sancho, como estás?

Tienen alguna idea cuando estará lista la actualización de Pandora 5.0 a través del Update Manager?
Muchas gracias y disculpen las molestias.


Re: Pandora FMS 5.0 is out - mario.pulido - 11-15-2013

Hola buenas

Para la versión 5.0 Open desde un principio ha habido actualizaciones mediante el Update Manager.
Revisa este post para ver si tienes el mismo problema.,7973.msg16799/topicseen.html#msg16799
Un saludo