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Pandora FMS HA - tshung - 08-28-2014

Hi all,
I've just used Pandora FMS for few months. As our requirement, i need to build a HA solution for monitoring system (using Pandora FMS) with 2 Pandora FMS server. On client site, i enable HA mode on agent which point to both servers. However, when primary network server down, the second one cannot take over the jobs.

Anyone can help me out?

Many thanks,
Hung Tran

Re: Pandora FMS HA - mario.pulido - 09-02-2014


You can use in the agent the secondary server as On error mode, should work correctly, what version of agent are you using?


Re: Pandora FMS HA - tshung - 09-03-2014

Thank for your response, Mario. The HA agent mode worked perfectly. The problem i faced are network checks like Ping, SNMP, TCP ,... . When the primary server down, how can i promote or switch to the secondary one to continue to conduct these checks.

Re: Pandora FMS HA - mario.pulido - 09-03-2014

Ah, ok Hung Tran

In pandora_server.conf exist one token called master.

You need to set up in primary server, master 1 and in the secondary server, master 0.

With this change automatically switch to the secundary server.


Re: Pandora FMS HA - tshung - 09-03-2014

Generally, i would like to buildĀ  a monitoring HA system with following components:
1. Server console:

2. Pandora server:
Server 01:
Role: master

Server 02:
Role: slave ("master 0")

3. MySQL server:

From Pandora Console, i created some test agents (with installed Pandora Agent software) which send XML to Pandora Server 01 ( I also added some network check on these agents like Ping, TCP, ...

As you suggestion, i changed master token on server config file and make fail-over test by disconnecting server 1.
Nothing happens ! All checks returned "Unknown status".

Could you please review my topology (in attachment) and give me some advices to complete HA solution for this case?

Many thanks,

Re: Pandora FMS HA - mario.pulido - 09-03-2014


Can you show me a screenshot of servers page?

Re: Pandora FMS HA - tshung - 09-03-2014

Please find the screenshot of servers page in attachment. Be notice that "ho-srt-mon-01" had been disconnected for 1 hour.

Re: Pandora FMS HA - mario.pulido - 09-03-2014

But the status of this server in this view appear Online... if appear Online never will change to the second server..., Are you sure that pandora_server process is stopped?

Re: Pandora FMS HA - tshung - 09-03-2014

Exactly what i want to know. Actually, server 01 NIC is disable so it cannot connect to network. On console, the warning message appeared as "5 servers down" (view attached file) but server status is online (green).
What wrong with my architect? Only 1 console and one DB for 2 Pandora Server is right way to build HA?

Re: Pandora FMS HA - mario.pulido - 09-03-2014

Could you tell me what version are you using?

It can be a bug...