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Automatic refresh - eqtconsulting - 03-05-2015

I’m working with Pandora FMS v5.0 SP2 and I have a problem concerning the timing of monitoring:

In the Monitoring section, if I access to Tactic View or Tree View, for example, at the top of these pages I can c ustomize autorefresh. When I assigned some timing begins a countdown and the page is refreshed each X time.
The problem is that if I leave the page and re-enter, the autorefresh is lost and I have to reconfigure it every time I access the page.

Is there any way to automatically refresh without going configuring each time?

Thanks in advance.


Re: Automatic refresh - antonio - 03-06-2015

The are some pages, such as the tactical server information one, that come with this autorefresh parameter by default, but I fear that is not possible to do it without editing the code of the console. A workaround could be to save the complete url with the autorefresh parameter and access from this new link.