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Configuring Email Alert - Ruslan - 01-17-2016

Hi Everyone,

I am using Pandora FMS 6 version.
I'm having an issue with sending email alert.
Pandora Server is installed on Windows Server 2008.
I have set the correct template,command,action but I'm still not receiving an email with the alert.
On the pandora_server.conf I have edited the mta section :

# mta_address: External Mailer (MTA) IP Address to be used by Pandora FMS internal email capabilities


# mta_port, this is the mail server port (default 25)

mta_port 587

# mta_user MTA User (if needed for auth, FQD or simple user, depending on your server)

mta_user (sending user email)

# mta_pass MTA Pass (if needed for auth)

mta_pass (sending user PW)

# mta_auth MTA Auth system (if needed, it supports LOGIN, PLAIN, CRAM-MD5, DIGEST-MD)

mta_auth LOGIN

# mta_from Email address that sends the mail, by default is [email protected]
#          probably you need to change it to avoid problems with your antispam

mta_from Pandora FMS <sending user email>

I think I am missing something, could anyone help ?

P.S I searched for guides but could not find one on Windows

Re: Configuring Email Alert - emilio - 01-25-2016

Hello Ruslan,

Did you take a look to Pandora's Wiki? You might find useful these ones:

Let me know if the problem persist, but at first look it seems just fine.


Re: Configuring Email Alert - goks - 03-01-2016

can u pls help me
refer to my thread..
actually the problem like a same

Re: Configuring Email Alert - antonio - 03-10-2016


Take a look at this documentation about alerts and mta configuration, it is the same on windows, just editing the pandora_server.conf to find the mta parameters.

Kind regards,

RE: Configuring Email Alert - nirmalsampang - 01-07-2019

Does it only support Postfix mail server? I need to configure in MDaemon. Please help.

RE: Configuring Email Alert - jose.almendros - 01-08-2019

(01-07-2019, 05:45 AM)nirmalsampang Wrote: Does it only support Postfix mail server? I need to configure in MDaemon. Please help.

Hello nirmalsampang,

Pandora FMS does not support MDaemon.

Sorry for the inconvinences.