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Recon - ellistar - 03-15-2016

Good afternoon,

I just implement recon in my system for monitoring, but I have some problems ..
I want to monitor some Linux filesystems , but when creating a task, I can only add Windows disk modules.

Something eludes me because surely can monitor, but not as ...: _ (
Someone gives me a hand?

Thank you

Re: Recon - antonio - 03-16-2016

Hello ellistar,

You would need to have a modules template with the proper modules you need. You can take a look at the "module templates" section, and if you need to create more components (modules by default/saved modules), you can do it from "Network components", "Local components", etc. sections.

Kind regards,

Re: Recon - ellistar - 03-16-2016

Thanks for your reply antonio, but inĀ  Pandora 6 I can't find the section "local components"
About the module templates, i just edited a couple of, and there is no problem to do that, but,..
It's weird because on the list of modules to choose there are a lot of modules, but any module is categorized as linux systems!!
Almost every machine that I need to monitor are linux OS.
Any idea?

Re: Recon - antonio - 03-17-2016


Keep in mind that you can edit the "components" and templates, but you won't be able to use "local components" (local execution modules) just by running a recon, since local modules require a software agent installed. Recon tasks can only apply module templates with remote checks, so if you need to monitor disks/volumes you would need to use SNMP remote checks. Otherwise you would need to install a software agent.

Kind regards,