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wmi in jaunty version - suzdal - 05-08-2009


Few hours ago, i upgrade my vmware installation to ubuntu jaunty.
After few problems (resolved) with dependences, i started te pandora servers and wmi doesn't work, i see in ubuntu forums this:

DELETED: Jaunty pocket Release in component universe and section python

* Removed from disk on 2009-04-17.
* Removal requested on 2009-04-17.
* Deleted on 2009-04-17 by Colin Watson
requested by kitterman; uninstallable with Python 2.6, meant for old version of samba4 and being integrated upstream, removed from Debian; LP: #359637
* Published on 2008-11-06


so now, i have down that server with 316 modules not working, anyone can help me, is very important for me.


wmi in jaunty version - slerena - 05-09-2009

Just download the wmiclient provided for "generic linux" in our download section (32bit) it works perfectly on Ubuntu 9.04

wmi in jaunty version - slerena - 05-09-2009

I've just added a FAQ entry with your question:

Thanks for asking !

wmi in jaunty version - suzdal - 05-09-2009

i'll try Monday and put my results, tnx a lot nil

wmi in jaunty version - suzdal - 05-10-2009

hi nil.

tnx a lot, all systems ready and working.