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event from email - teurick - 05-09-2017

Are there any plans to allow an email sent to Pandora to raise an event/incident.

This would be handy where a app can send email alerts on issues and have that correlate to an agent and present in the events console.

RE: event from email - antonio - 05-09-2017

Hello teurick,

Currently that feature is not on the roadmap of the product. However Pandora FMS has a rest API that can be used for this type of integrations, take a look at the online documentation about it, specially at the "create event" section here:

Also, we have our own ticketing solution that can be easily integrated with Pandora FMS, its name is Integria IMS:
In a scenario with both software tools installed you could email Integria IMS to open a ticket, and this would be immediately replicated on Pandora in the form of an event.

Kind regards,