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Too many "Monitors unknown"
Hi fonta

i guess that you have too many lag on the server side.

if you go to /var/spool/pandora/data_in  . In that directory all the agent put the xml data. and later the pandora_server process it.

How many files you have in that directory? you can erase all the .data files in that directory. and check if your pandora_server can process it very quick. You can try to restart the pandora_server if don't process the files.

hope that it helps you

Hi alumbreras, thank you for reply!

i check in that directory and i have only 3 subdirectories

pandora402:/var/spool/pandora/data_in # ls
collections  conf  md5

Some other ideas?!?
I've just have the same problem.

I have solved the issue in this way.

After a lot of performance testing i note that the in-messages spool was working properly. (in my server the "incoming messages" folder was at var/spool/pandora/data-in. You can configure and see where is placed your folder in the server configuration file etc/pandora/pandora_server.conf

So it is not a performance trouble.

i saw that The modificaction attribute of the files was set by the source xmls servers and it was right, so i suspect it could be a time trouble at my pandora server. The pandora server was not on time. I Update the time and time zone on the server an now it is working properly.

Hope you can solve your problem in this simple way.


(to see your current time
# date
to change your time
# date --set "2012-12-07 08:25"
to change your zone
# ln -sf /usr/share/zoneinfo/yourlocalzone localtime)

Hi itanditil, thank you for your reply!

i' ve check server time and i have a strange situations...

in console time is correct, in the web interface time is 30 minute in late!

how can i adjust it?
to change your time

# date --set "2012-12-07 08:25"

to change your zone

# ln -sf /usr/share/zoneinfo/yourlocalzone localtime
server time is correct, but the problem persists

the strange think is that i add a new virtual server to that group exactly like the other servers, i install pandora agent and copy the same module from another server and this work fine!!

as you can see in attach image the server (V-FN-CECSRVR32) last contact never go over 5 minute... it work fine while the other server (ex V-H-CECSRVR32) has passed the 5 minute period.

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maybe other servers had the time wrong too? are the timezones ok?
all the server clock are good... they point to an internal ntp server and it work fine.
i think the system that you show in the last stamp is ok!! could you show me the monitors that are failling?

press the grey number on the main console. and order by time since last connection.

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