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How to conduct the monitoring from multiple Pandora Server?
Hi all,
I'm using 2 server to manage my Linux clients. In agent configuration, i set up Server 01 as primary (IP = and Server 02 as secondary (IP = with "On-error" mode. When i shutdown primary server, all checks are "Unknown" status and i cannot show the graph (No data to display). I expected that the secondary server will replace the primary one to monitor all agent but it doesn't happen.

I'm trying to manually switch all agents to the secondary server by using Massive Operation but it still doesn't work (maybe the agent point to primary server).

Really need your help!



You'd need to setup a high availability infrastructure where the database is common between the two pandora servers and a virtual ip is established between the two servers.
Once this is set agents will transfer the information to the virtual ip and from there if a server goes down then the results won't be lost.

Another option would be to use the on error mode present in the pandora agents and send information to a second server if the first one failed.

For more information on high availability take a look at the following link: [url=][/url]

On that page you can find examples different types of ha possible for pandora fms.


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