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install new module problem
hi there
i have problem with installing module in server...according to video uploaded in pandora website(under docs , Videos , pandora fms video tutorial collection , 
Setting up a monitoring system ) when i try create new server
and install some module in it i'll facing some problem..such as the server and modules always in critical situation and i can't create snmp module actually i can't understand what is saying in video about creating snmp module...
please help me
nice regards pouria
Hello pouria91,

I think that what you mean is that you tried to create a new Agent, as shown in the video, isn't it?
If that's the case, there are several reasons for it to be showing a Critical staus for its modules. First, you have check that the IP address of the computer/system that you want to monitor at the Agent setup.
Then, the modules have to be able to reach whatever they're trying to monitor (for instance, if you create a Check SSH module for an agent, the latter has to have installed a SSH server and have it running, for the former to be able to report information other than "critical").

If the agent is not reachable or the modules aren't pointing to a service/port/process (whatever) that is running, Pandora Server won't be able to get information and eventually will report "Critical".

As for the SNMP modules, again you need to have the SNMP service installed, properly configured and running. On a Windows machine, you need to enable it on Control panel/Turn Windows features on or off/Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP). When it is installed, reboot. Then go to services.msc, configure SNMP service on Properties (communityname , allowed IP addresses, Community rights...) and run the service.
Now you should be able to create SNMP modules.

Hope it helps.

Kind regards,

PS: When creating a new topic for a question or issue, please do it just once. I'm removing the other one on Advanced Monitoring to keep the Forums organized.
dear Akevin
thank you for you advice...i'll do it from now..but the problem wasn't can i create a snmp module?..on my windows snmp service is run and work...i'm confused..please help..
thank you again
Hi pouria91,

The easiest way to create SNMP modules is using the SNMP wizard or the SNMP interface wizard. Please check this link to learn how and when to use them.

Kind regards,
dear akevin
hello again...
thank you for your help but my problem is i have not any can i solve this problem?actually i do not know what i shoud write in ip target section?and when i go to snmp under snmp browser no mib well shown?i try localhost whit artica06 and public and i try my ip will come from ifconfig with both artica06 and public and nothing shown even i try all the snmp version...
please guide me
thank you for your support
best regards pouri
Hi pouria91,

Assuming you configured SNMP on the Windows machine whose IP you're setting as "Target IP", the SNMP browser will only display information if you set the same community that you configured earlier at the Windows Service.

By default, Pandora FMS uses Windows' native MIB collections, so you should be able to see something. Anyway, Pandora FMS has a functionality to upload custom MIB at Monitoring/SNMP/MIB Uploader. MIB are usually provided by product manufacturers (e.g. Cisco), so all you would need to do is upload them for Pandora to use them.

You can try setting, for example, as the starting OID and switching to the differents SNMP versions as you browse, maybe that way Pandora will be able to find something.

Kind regards,

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