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wmi in jaunty version

Few hours ago, i upgrade my vmware installation to ubuntu jaunty.
After few problems (resolved) with dependences, i started te pandora servers and wmi doesn't work, i see in ubuntu forums this:

DELETED: Jaunty pocket Release in component universe and section python

* Removed from disk on 2009-04-17.
* Removal requested on 2009-04-17.
* Deleted on 2009-04-17 by Colin Watson
requested by kitterman; uninstallable with Python 2.6, meant for old version of samba4 and being integrated upstream, removed from Debian; LP: #359637
* Published on 2008-11-06


so now, i have down that server with 316 modules not working, anyone can help me, is very important for me.

Just download the wmiclient provided for "generic linux" in our download section (32bit) it works perfectly on Ubuntu 9.04
I've just added a FAQ entry with your question:

Thanks for asking !
i'll try Monday and put my results, tnx a lot nil
hi nil.

tnx a lot, all systems ready and working.

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