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Monitor RB941
I have the Pandora FMS installed on a CENT OS server. It's working seemingly all right. I was able to install the agent on windows computers and get the monitoring. But I can not monitor my routers. I researched a lot but it was not enough that I could learn and understand. I'm not understanding much about SNMP. I followed the quick guide procedures and also saw some videos on youtube, but without success.

I would if anyone help me. instruct me to configure my RB 941 MIKROTIK device on Pandora FMS.

Many, many, many thanks for the help!

steps done:

1) create agent.
2) name the agent
3) Inform the IP range. (
4) add it in the network group
5) Operating system choose network
6) Then I will create the module
7) Create a new network service module
8) choose network management
9) then host latency
10) in type, select: Remote SNMP agent, incremental Data
11) in SNMP Community, type: Public.
12) SNMP Version, type: V1
13) Ip destination, I enter the IP of my router:
and nothing happens.

another step made:
1) I created a recognition task
2) command fetch and progress does not go from 1%
3) Find nothing ...
4) I do the search for the browser and also does not find.

I followed the following steps already:

and also to no avail. I imagine that for you this should be a very simple step, but I confess that I am 2 days trying to add a router in monitoring and I can not Sad
I would be grateful for the help. Thank you.
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