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Monitor RB941
(01-13-2019, 08:33 PM)intelly Wrote: I have the Pandora FMS installed on a CENT OS server. It's working seemingly all right. I was able to install the agent on windows computers and get the monitoring. But I can not monitor my routers. I researched a lot but it was not enough that I could learn and understand. I'm not understanding much about SNMP. I followed the quick guide procedures and also saw some videos on youtube, but without success.

I would if anyone help me. instruct me to configure my RB 941 MIKROTIK device on Pandora FMS.

Many, many, many thanks for the help!

steps done:

1) create agent.
2) name the agent
3) Inform the IP range. (
4) add it in the network group
5) Operating system choose network
6) Then I will create the module
7) Create a new network service module
8) choose network management
9) then host latency
10) in type, select: Remote SNMP agent, incremental Data
11) in SNMP Community, type: Public.
12) SNMP Version, type: V1
13) Ip destination, I enter the IP of my router:
and nothing happens.

another step made:
1) I created a recognition task
2) command fetch and progress does not go from 1%
3) Find nothing ...
4) I do the search for the browser and also does not find.

I followed the following steps already:

and also to no avail. I imagine that for you this should be a very simple step, but I confess that I am 2 days trying to add a router in monitoring and I can not Sad
I would be grateful for the help. Thank you.

Good morning intelly,

Follow please these steps to monitor your router:

1) Create agent: Name, IP (of router, not with mask.., Group etc
2) Create a network server module: Network Management -> Host Alive, don´t change anything.
2) Create a network server module: Network Management -> IfInOctects_if1, don´t change anything.

Please tell me the result of these modules and after i will put you more steps to start monitoring more advanced SNMP.

Can you please attach me the configuration of the recon task you are trying to do.

The SNMP Traps, link you posted, are modules that creates asynchronously if you have the SNMP trap option available in the router with the IP of Pandora FMS, and Pandora FMS configured.

Best regards,

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