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Error to install Pandora in Ubuntu 18.04
Hello everyone,

I have been trying to install Pandora FMS server into Ubuntu Desktop 18.04 several times in the same virtual machine. 

I have been followed several installation procedures, one of them is from this site

I always recieved the same error, I found several troubleshootings but with the same results.
This is the error informatión I attached an screenshot. 

[Image: dot_green.png]
Connection with Database
[Image: dot_green.png]
Creating database 'pandora'
[Image: dot_green.png]
Opening database 'pandora'
[Image: dot_green.png]
Creating schema
[Image: dot_green.png]
Populating database
[Image: dot_red.png]
Established privileges for user pandora. A new random password has been generated: peuymubf
Please write it down, you will need to setup your Pandora FMS server, editing the /etc/pandora/pandora_server.conf file

[Image: dot_green.png]
Write permissions to save config file in './include'
[Image: dot_green.png]
Created new config file at 'include/config.php'

There were some problems. Installation was not completed.
Please correct failures before trying again. All database schemes created in this step have been dropped.

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.png   Pandora FMS - Installation Wizard.png (Size: 13.11 KB / Downloads: 6)
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